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All products are constructed from food grade, dishwasher safe materials. Products are guaranteed for 1 full year when used under normal conditions.

Price does not include shipping and handling. See Shipping below for details on our shipping policy. Taxes apply where applicable. Payment policy is COD/Cheque. All products have a Fully Refundable 30 Day return guarantee (shipping & handling not include

Product Pricing

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Creamer Caddy:
Black or White)

1 Creamer Holder (holds 24 creamers)
$17.95 ea
  Box of 24 Creamer Holders ( each holds 24 creamers) $15.95 ea 24 per box
  Creamer Caddy Extensions (holds 18 creamers) $9.95 ea
Baby Caddy: 1 Baby Caddy (holds 6 to 12 creamers)
$14.95 ea
  Box of 24 Baby Caddy $12.95 ea 24 per box
Custom colors available over 2000 units ordered.
Customized Logos available. Contact us for pricing.

Shipping and handling charges for orders are based on the destination and the total weight of the order. Unfortunately, we do not have an automated system to calculate International shipping charges. However, we will be more than happy to review your order and send you an e-mail with shipping charges and expected delivery times for the shipping methods available. Please note that the prices we quote do not include any customs or duty charges applicable to your order.

If your restaurant supply wholesaler does not carry these products, please contact 'The Creamery' for factory direct ordering. We ship to individuals and companies big and small.