And Now a Word from Our Customers...
To the Creamery:
We would like to thank, The Creamery, for your unique product.

Also we would like to share with you our experience with the creamer caddy dispenser at our BC Cafe restaurants located in sunny California.

Approximately one year ago, our Rep from Nestle presented us with a creamer caddy dispenser. This creamer caddy not only helps advertise our food menus, but also organizes our six flavored creamers separately in their own cylinder. The creamer caddies are very durable, easy to clean and does not take any extra space on the tables. We would recommend for any food services to use this product.

If you would like us to be of any assistance and if others would like to know anything about the creamer caddies, they can have them check our website and we will answer any of their questions.     Yours Truly, Rocky Purpero
To The Creamery,
Regarding your two great products which I have purchased from your company, the
creamer caddies and the ice buffet.

The creamer caddy with the menu photo on top has been working very well to boost our sales. We also have local businesses advertise on the other side of the caddy.

As to the ice buffet dish, all the years I have been in the restaurant business, I have never seen a dish so unique and useful for many purposes. This dish keeps the foods chilled for a long period of time with only a scoop of ice. I recommend this ice buffet dish to anyone that needs to keep any foods or beverages chilled.
Many Thanks once again for your great products.

Shirley Marbry
Loose Caboose Restaurant
Chilliwack, BC

Dear Tony:
We received our order for your 12 creamer caddy today. It looks great and the advertising addition on top is a bonus!
To give you a little history, we ordered creamers from your company 12 years ago when we opened our restaurant. They have been great. They have lasted for 12 years with being in the dishwasher daily and getting thumped on the floor periodically. We like the colour choice of the new caddys and can see they are now more streamlined.
Thank you for a great product! Talk to you in 12 years!

Helen Kempers
Warren Shell and Restaurant

We have been using "The Creamery" for the past year and would be pleased to recommend it. We can clean the units, fill them and keep them refrigerated until needed. This allows for fresher product that is convenient for our customers and easy for our staff to fill. We also find the design to be an attractive alternative to any other methods we used to hold our creamers.

Leonard & Linda Andrews
McDonald's Restaurant Yale Road
Chilliwack B.C., Canada

Just thought I'd take a moment to say that we are very pleased with your Six Shooter cream dispenser product. It's unique design helps organize our coffee refill area and the color of the Six Shooter really ties in with the packaging of our creamers. It gives the impression of a natural fit. Thanks again.

Gary L. Salinas
Director of Operations & Training
McDonald's Sunnyvale Road
Saratoga, California, USA

We have used 'The Creamery' at our Subway Restaurant for the past year. We have our coffee station in the main area of the restaurant for customers to help themselves. We used to have a problem with rotating creamers and also displaying them nicely. The Creamery has solved all these problems for us. It's a wonderful tool to have in the food Industry!!

Laurie Dolan
Fort Nelson, B.C., Canada

Our company has been using 'The Creamery' for the past year. We have found it to be a very worthwhile investment. We use to have a problem with rotating our creamers, but since we have used The Creamery it has solved this for us. It is very easy to fill and use, not a hassle for the customers. It is washable and we keep it in our fridge at night, stocked ready to go for the next day. I would recommend 'The Creamery' to any business. It is a worthwhile investment!!!

Patricia and Leonard Radcliffe
Managers and Owners
A&W Restaurant, Ft. Nelson, B.C., Canada

Just wanted to say thanks for the Creamery. This has solved a problem we had here for our coffee bar. Until this holder came along we had no way of serving our individual creamers. Problem solved thanks to you and The Creamery. It also allows us to advertise other in store specials. Thanks again

Brad M Ilaney
Cottonwood Esso
Sardis, B.C., Canada

We have been using 'The Creamery' for a few years now and we are pleased with the results that it has given us. It keeps the store looking in a professional manner. Allowing us to put it into the cooler each night it allows for a fresher product that is a lot more convenient for the customer, and our staff.

Brian Jmaeff
Tramm Enterprises Ltd
Quesnel, B.C. Canada

Our store has been using 'The Creamery' for the past year and would like to recommend it to anyone who uses creamers in their restaurant. The Creamery is an attractive dispenser which stands upright on a tabletop or counter. There are 2 dispensing slots on each side and when on side is empty you turn it around to the other side. We have solved the problem of rotating the creamers and there is no way to overfill on creamers. It is a handy and convenient dispenser and our customers have commented on what a good idea it is to have it.

Jonathan K. Yue
Store Operator
M.Y. Sundae Inc.
Richmond, B.C., Canada

We have been using your Creamer Caddy for the past 2 years and we are very pleased with it. It not only serves as a dispensing unit for our creamers but it also solves the problem of rotation and an ugly mess on our coffee counter as it follows the first in - first out concept, looks very neat and tidy and our coffee counter always looks respectable. I am also very pleased with your new advertising billboard that inserts on top of the caddy. It is a wonderful way of informing our customers of daily specials. We have customers taking more notice of the daily specials and our sales have increased because of it. It is also a great way to introduce new products that we have in our store. Congratulations on a job well done!!!!

Janice Batten
The Northern Deli
Ft Nelson, B.C., Canada

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